Guitar Alchemist Free

Guitar Alchemist Free 1.21

The program eases being taught playing guitar and guitar tracks composing

Many people know right well that it is very difficult to be taught in playing a music instrument, all the more playing guitar. There are a lot of guitar study guides. Guitar Alchemist Free is a solid additional helper in teaching and being taught in guitar playing. Guitar Alchemist Free is also very useful for the guitarists. It is a chord dictionary with the advanced functions which make the program much more interesting. The user interface is set in such a way that a user doesn’t need to look over the program in searching for something, everything is before his eyes. There are fingerboard, scales and chords view in the program, which include directly fingering pattern, modes and scales and chords by themselves. The fingerboard in the program will help you to see outwardly the fingerboard on the guitar. You can even hear the chords if you wish. You can also select the scale root and mode thank to the scale selector panel, the stave types and the number of the fingering pattern thank to the scale pattern panel and the chords within a scale thank to the matching chords panel. The chords view contains the same features but according only to the chords.

Anna Kovalysheva
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  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • A great number of the chords
  • Free to download


  • Inability to add the personal chords and instrument sounding MIDI
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